The Lotus Eater Guide to Mindful Eating

In Homer’s epic tale The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew are thrown off the course of their journey by a terrible storm that forced their ship to land on a mysterious island. There they encounter a peaceful race of native inhabitants who spend their days celebrating the natural bounty of their island, particularly the fruit of the lotus, which they willingly share with the newcomers. Their leisurely way of life is so enchanting that the crew seem to abandon their journey, requiring Odysseus to drag his men away. “Quick, no time to lose,” the goal-oriented captain shouted in command as his crew departed the enchanting island with tears streaming down their faces.

 But, instead of viewing the lotus eaters as a threat or only a source of a hasty meal, Odysseus might have learned something from these lotus eaters, a lesson we modern folk could also use: that while setting and attaining goals is important, so is enjoying the journey.

And that is the goal of Lotus Eater


Below are the 10 steps to achieving a mindful (or intuitive) relationship with food and your body. Click through to read tips and guidance on each step or go straight to the blog to see the latest.

#1 Reject the Diet Mentality

Diets don’t work.

The reason they don’t work is because diets disconnect us from our own bodies. They leave us less healthy and less confident in our own ability to understand what we need.


#4 Challenge the Food Police

The food police are the voices in your own mind that keep you imprisoned in the diet mentality. Those thoughts that tell you that you’re “bad” for indulging in dessert or “good” for abstaining from food.

In order to hear your own body, you first need to quiet the voices of diet culture yelling at you inside your own mind.


#7 Honor Feelings Without Food


#2 Honor Your Hunger


We all understand maintaining a healthy weight depends on practicing moderation. This doesn’t require meticulous tracking and calculations: you’re body is already keeping track and telling you what it needs.

All we need to do is learn how to hear what our bodies are telling us and honor those needs.


#5 Respect Your Fullness

Learn how to listen to the cues your body is giving you that you’re not hungry and should stop eating.


#8 Respect Your Body

#3 Make Peace with Food

Food is not punishment it is nourishment. When you restrict yourself from eating certain foods (or food altogether) it can trigger an intense primordial drive to eat and, often, overeat.

Stop fighting with food and start seeing is as an ally to achieve health and happiness.


#6 Discover Satisfaction

Food doesn’t just fuel our bodies, it provides pleasure, comfort, and social connectivity.

Feeding yourself in a way that is pleasing can be a powerful tool to fuel, not just your body, but also your soul.

Learn how to achieve satisfaction, without depriving yourself or overindulging.


#9 Exercise & Feel the Difference

#10 Honor Your Health