Me in Athens

Me in Athens

My husband, tired of me taking his picture all the time.

My husband, tired of me taking his picture all the time.

Eat The Lotus

In Homer’s epic tale The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew are thrown off the course of their journey by a terrible storm that forced their ship to land on a mysterious island. There they encounter a peaceful race of native inhabitants who spend their days celebrating the natural bounty of their island, particularly the fruit of the lotus, which they willingly share with the newcomers. Their leisurely way of life is so enchanting that the crew seem to abandon their journey, requiring Odysseus to drag his men away. “Quick, no time to lose,” the goal-oriented captain shouted in command as his crew departed the enchanting island with tears streaming down their faces.[i]

Had Homer stuck around for a little while he might have learned something from the lotus eaters; a lesson we could all use in our modern lives. The lesson is while pursuing one’s goals is important, so is enjoying the journey.

And that is the central idea behind Lotus Eater. With our tools, resources, and support network we hope to discover together how to respect our bodies, be kinder to ourselves, strengthen our minds, and build healthier, happier relationships with food.

About Michelle

Who is the person behind Lotus Eater and why should you listen to anything they have to say?

Well, My name is Michelle Minton. Nice to meet you.

By trade, I’m a consumer policy expert, which is a fancy way of saying I analyze the rules and laws that govern what you get to do with your body. For more than a decade, I have written and comments on topics like government dietary guidelines, gambling, drugs, alcohol, and food.

At heart, I have always been a scientist.

Long before I took a job in politics, I spent many years of my life locked in what seemed like a battle with food. I knew that I needed food to live, but I never felt like I understood how to eat. All I knew is that I was unhealthy and in a toxic relationship with food. The fad diets I tried only made things worse and I found myself feeling less healthy, emotionally and physically, than ever. So, I set my mind to researching the problem, even going back to school to get my Master’s Degree in nutrition.

Being a bonafide expert on diet helped me understand how food fuels the human body. But, the secret is that knowing what you should eat doesn’t require a degree: you already know how to do that. The hard part is doing it. The harder part is enjoying it.

…to be continued.

The things I cherish

I was perfectly happy being single and figured I’d probably remain so for the rest of my life. Then I met Ryan.

He started working in my office in 2009 and my first thought was “Boy, he’s tall!” You can’t blame me: I’m sure that’s what most people think when they see a fellow who is nearly 7 feet tall (6 feet, 7 inches to be precise). But, it didn’t take long for me to realize that he wasn’t just a really big guy, he was the love of my life.

Life Is Good

Finding love isn’t necessary to live a good life, but I give thanks every day that I have Ryan as my partner. He gives me so much love and support, puts up with my shenanigans, and helps me to be the best version of myself I can!

In 2015 he even (finally) gave in to my constant demands that we expand our little family and in September two became three when we adopted our happy little mutt, Coconut!


She is such a goofball and weirdly photogenic. In fact, I have Coconut to thank for finally getting on Instagram because so many people asked for pictures of her that I just made her her own account (@Schnug_life if you care to follow).